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Rush Limbaugh Show podcast Full video – Aug 07, 2018

Drive-Bys desperately hoping for Trump loss in Ohio. Dems not running on issues, only Trump hatred. Voters must understand that Trump agenda grinds to halt if Democrats win the House. Trump in Ohio on “Danny Boy” O’Connor. Democrats want to end free speech. Disconnect between GOP and its voters. Economy booming, Dems can’t offer anything other than to destroy the economy. Kasich, Balderson, O’Connor sound bites. Democrat socialist polices don’t sell when contrasted with Trump economic success. “Journalists and scholars” want exemption from Facebook fake news rules.
Danny O’Connor reads from ancient playbook on Social Security, Medicare cuts. A-B, side-by-side comparison of what Rush has said about the Democrat base and Rosie O’Donnell proving it. Why isn’t Danny O’Connor talking about abolishing ICE? Why did the feds tip off DiFi to ChiCom spy, but not Trump about supposed Russians? NYT begs Facebook for exemption to fake news rules. ChiCom president sends Apple a message. Google caves to ChiComs, allows gov’t to censor in China. Ohio race.
Look at who is always trying to silence their critics: The left. AP: Could hard-right Supreme Court haunt the GOP? Podhoretz on Trump’s war against the media. Hollywood votes to remove Trump’s star from Walk of Fame. Trump tells the truth about California wildfires. Kim Strassel on California trees. Manafort trial. Charlie Rangel. Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens.

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