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Rush Limbaugh Show podcast Full video – Aug 02, 2018

Rush’s 30th Anniversary. Trump tweet on Sessions, Mueller. Jonathan Turley theory. Trump-Rudy strategy. Drive-Bys trash Trump rally crowd. Rush’s core beliefs haven’t changed. President Trump calls the show, congratulates Rush on 30 years, talks government shutdown, economy, immigration, the election. Rush remembers 1988.
Zephyr Teachout. NYT Times hires editor with long history of hating white people. Left-wing socialist hierarchy. WH press conference on Russian meddling. Trump rally-goer on diversity of the Trump rally crowds.
Rasmussen: Trump 50% approval after appearance here. Conventional wisdom: midterm elections over. Same people who said Trump couldn’t get to 4% GDP growth say GOP can’t win midterms. Ivanka: low point of Trump administration was separation of families at border, does not consider media enemy of the people. State special election stats. Downright stupid Democrat candidate for NY Attorney General. Retired teacher: Baby Boomers ruined education. Gov’t-funded trans app. Zephyr Teachout. ICE and aftermath of 9/11.

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